Algorithm Verification

How to play

  • Please Login through Chrome extension Scatter, MEETONE, TokenPocket, IMToken or other EOS wallet.(Have no EOS account? Sign up with MEETONE, TokenPocket, IMToken)
  • 1. The miners will mine four types of ore: iron, silver, gold and diamond
  • 2. Click the type of ore you guess
  • 3. Bet will consume EOS, lucky guess will win the corresponding rewards
  • 4. Lucky Miner will issue rewards automatically, 100 turns for a game
  • 5. The ore selection rules are as follows:
  • 5.Each turn lasts 100 blocks(block number is 0~99). Players can bet on the ore they like in the first 80 blocks. After that, the game will be locked and waits for the lottery block. Then, the server will automatically obtain the HASH (block id) of the block with number 81 and computes the CRC16 of the block HASH. The result, denoted by t, is a interger and uniformly distributes over 0-65535. The resultant ore is iron if t < 32441, is silver if 32441 <= t < 54002, is gold if 54002 <= t < 64456, and is diamond if t >= 64456. CRC16 is a well-known algorithm which can be found the details easily. Everyone can verify the result of each turn which can be found in the game history. The result is unpredictable, please participate carefully.(As contract game, the end up the lottery block may be changed because of block synchronization, this is normal phenomenon. the lottery results will be subject to the resulting block, so have the probability shows the results is A, and the lottery results for B. we can't avoid this kind of circumstance, still will be subject to block, manifests the fair!)
  • Note: If the prize pool can not afford the prize that should be paid, the contract will preserve 20% balance to ensure the game running. And all the winners will divide the rest 80% balance in prize poolaccording to their deserved prize. The platform will not charge any fee, except charge 3% fee for each prize. The platform will not use the asset in the prize pool. We will conduct various activities to return the prize to players if there are too much asset in prize pool. All the players can supervises the prize pool on the blockchain.
  • If you have any other question, please feel free to contact customer service.
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Algorithm Verification

    The CRC16 algorithm implemented using PHP is as following

    public function genCRC16($hash) {

    $crc_table = array(

    0x0, 0x1021, 0x2042, 0x3063, 0x4084, 0x50a5, 0x60c6, 0x70e7,

    0x8108, 0x9129, 0xa14a, 0xb16b, 0xc18c, 0xd1ad, 0xe1ce, 0xf1ef,

    0x1231, 0x210, 0x3273, 0x2252, 0x52b5, 0x4294, 0x72f7, 0x62d6,

    0x9339, 0x8318, 0xb37b, 0xa35a, 0xd3bd, 0xc39c, 0xf3ff, 0xe3de,

    0x2462, 0x3443, 0x420, 0x1401, 0x64e6, 0x74c7, 0x44a4, 0x5485,

    0xa56a, 0xb54b, 0x8528, 0x9509, 0xe5ee, 0xf5cf, 0xc5ac, 0xd58d,

    0x3653, 0x2672, 0x1611, 0x630, 0x76d7, 0x66f6, 0x5695, 0x46b4,

    0xb75b, 0xa77a, 0x9719, 0x8738, 0xf7df, 0xe7fe, 0xd79d, 0xc7bc,

    0x48c4, 0x58e5, 0x6886, 0x78a7, 0x840, 0x1861, 0x2802, 0x3823,

    0xc9cc, 0xd9ed, 0xe98e, 0xf9af, 0x8948, 0x9969, 0xa90a, 0xb92b,

    0x5af5, 0x4ad4, 0x7ab7, 0x6a96, 0x1a71, 0xa50, 0x3a33, 0x2a12,

    0xdbfd, 0xcbdc, 0xfbbf, 0xeb9e, 0x9b79, 0x8b58, 0xbb3b, 0xab1a,

    0x6ca6, 0x7c87, 0x4ce4, 0x5cc5, 0x2c22, 0x3c03, 0xc60, 0x1c41,

    0xedae, 0xfd8f, 0xcdec, 0xddcd, 0xad2a, 0xbd0b, 0x8d68, 0x9d49,

    0x7e97, 0x6eb6, 0x5ed5, 0x4ef4, 0x3e13, 0x2e32, 0x1e51, 0xe70,

    0xff9f, 0xefbe, 0xdfdd, 0xcffc, 0xbf1b, 0xaf3a, 0x9f59, 0x8f78,

    0x9188, 0x81a9, 0xb1ca, 0xa1eb, 0xd10c, 0xc12d, 0xf14e, 0xe16f,

    0x1080, 0xa1, 0x30c2, 0x20e3, 0x5004, 0x4025, 0x7046, 0x6067,

    0x83b9, 0x9398, 0xa3fb, 0xb3da, 0xc33d, 0xd31c, 0xe37f, 0xf35e,

    0x2b1, 0x1290, 0x22f3, 0x32d2, 0x4235, 0x5214, 0x6277, 0x7256,

    0xb5ea, 0xa5cb, 0x95a8, 0x8589, 0xf56e, 0xe54f, 0xd52c, 0xc50d,

    0x34e2, 0x24c3, 0x14a0, 0x481, 0x7466, 0x6447, 0x5424, 0x4405,

    0xa7db, 0xb7fa, 0x8799, 0x97b8, 0xe75f, 0xf77e, 0xc71d, 0xd73c,

    0x26d3, 0x36f2, 0x691, 0x16b0, 0x6657, 0x7676, 0x4615, 0x5634,

    0xd94c, 0xc96d, 0xf90e, 0xe92f, 0x99c8, 0x89e9, 0xb98a, 0xa9ab,

    0x5844, 0x4865, 0x7806, 0x6827, 0x18c0, 0x8e1, 0x3882, 0x28a3,

    0xcb7d, 0xdb5c, 0xeb3f, 0xfb1e, 0x8bf9, 0x9bd8, 0xabbb, 0xbb9a,

    0x4a75, 0x5a54, 0x6a37, 0x7a16, 0xaf1, 0x1ad0, 0x2ab3, 0x3a92,

    0xfd2e, 0xed0f, 0xdd6c, 0xcd4d, 0xbdaa, 0xad8b, 0x9de8, 0x8dc9,

    0x7c26, 0x6c07, 0x5c64, 0x4c45, 0x3ca2, 0x2c83, 0x1ce0, 0xcc1,

    0xef1f, 0xff3e, 0xcf5d, 0xdf7c, 0xaf9b, 0xbfba, 0x8fd9, 0x9ff8,

    0x6e17, 0x7e36, 0x4e55, 0x5e74, 0x2e93, 0x3eb2, 0xed1, 0x1ef0);

    $crc = 0x0000;

    $input = hex2bin($hash);

    for ($i = 0; $i < strlen($input); $i++) {

    $crc = $crc_table[(($crc >> 8) ^ ord($input[$i]))] ^ (($crc << 8) & 0x00FFFF);


    return $crc;